About us

What we do

Much of history is lost or constrained to static images or text. At Tower & Keep, we recreate historical sites and stories digitally to bring them to life, and allow everyone to experience them as if they were there.  


Historical sites and structures are located all across the world, which creates a barrier to access.

A digital experience gives anyone with an internet connection the ability to explore and learn about these places and stories.

Our process

Using site maps, surveys, satellite imagery, historical records, and local experts, we reconstruct historical sites and events using 3D modeling and animation software.

We translate the 3D models and scenes into immersive web experiences that are accessible to everyone.

Our team

Bryan Manis

Founder & President

Researcher by day and designer/entrepreneur by night, Bryan has over 10 years of experience helping startups and Fortune 500 companies across the world bring products and services to life. Bryan's vision is to give life to the unseen and forgotten stories all around us. He holds a degree in product design from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also studied architecture and engineering.

Gavin Lew

Board Member

With over 25 years working in user experience (UX), he is a managing partner of a global UX research consultancy. Gavin recently authored a book on AI and UX (Apress, a division of Springer-Nature publishers). He is a faculty member at Northwestern University and DePaul University.

Ted Billups

Board Member

Ted is an executive UX design leader, agency owner and designer with a passion for collaborating with teams to create authentic, emotionally engaging experiences that result in stronger trust between brands and users. In addition to working with innovative brands around the world, Ted has invented and patented SaaS applications used my millions.

Mike Kintz

Board Member

Mike is a User Experience Researcher who loves to find ways for people to interact, reflect, and connect with the environment around them. He has a Bachelor of Science in History from Illinois State University, and is fascinated by the influence historical figures and events have on our everyday lives.

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