Where history comes alive

Virtually experience the sites, structures, and events that formed the history of the middle ages recreated with 3D digital models.


What we do

Tower and Keep offers immersive digital experiences to
learning and explore history.

Interactive castles

Interact with and learn about the Medieval age's most prized castles.

Immersive animation

Experience history brought to life through immersive animation.

3D models

Explore recreations of Europe's most prized castles, battles, and fortresses.

3D models

Explore and learn in 3D about the structures that served as homes and fortresses of the powerful Kings and Lords of the Medieval era.



Experience the stories and events that shaped the history of the medieval era, brought to life through immersive animation.



Dive deep into articles that explore the details behind the key figures, technologies, and influences that shaped the medieval world.


How we create immersive 3D models

We gather site maps, geographic surveys, satellite imagery, and knowledge
from local experts

Reconstruct historical sites and events using 3D modeling and animation software.

Translate the 3D models and scenes into immersive web experiences that are accessible to everyone.

About Tower & Keep

Historical ruins, art, and the written word tell us the stories of the people, events, sites, and structures that shaped history. But what if we could explore history more immersively?

Our mission at Tower & Keep is to bring historical stories alive through interactive, immersive media and make these stories available to everyone.

About us